We have proven skills and methodologies to ensure project success
Our Consultancy services cover a wide spectrum of Management, Organisational and Human Resource issues from strategic to operational, including enterprise wide, organisational, team and individual issues. We operate using a structured diagnostic model, which ensures we have a clear understanding of the client’s needs. We establish a charter with the key stakeholders to ensure the whole assignment is clear and expected outcomes are understood.
With a wealth of experience across the spectrum of talent acquisition from graduate recruitment through to executive resourcing, our Talent Acquisition Division is well positioned to deliver exceptional and quantifiable results to our clients. Working in partnership with our clients to develop and deliver bespoke strategies to attract and hire top quality candidates, our success lies in our ability to provide our clients with a scalable extension to their own HR or Resourcing Divisions.
After recruitment and engagement, retention of talent is one of the main management concerns in today's global market. The loss of skills and organisational knowledge when key individuals leave, plus the significant cost of replacing talent makes the importance of retention even greater. Having clear succession plans, developing career opportunities and training strategies give your employees the skills to take on new challenges, and gives them the ability to have a long term career in a single organisation.